About us

We established KOZY ZIPANG in May 24th 2014 to support travelers and to promote cross-cultural exchange.

Hashimoto City in Wakayama Prefecture is located at the foot of Koyasan which is a part of world heritage "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range."

That is the next city to Kudoyama-town which is a family temple of Kukai's mother "jison-in."

We are a non-profit organization to promote cross-cultural exchange and to deepen the understanding of Japanese culture through introducing about Kukai and Mount Koya. 

Main Office
648-0085 Kishigami 88-1 Hashimoto Wakayama Japan / Cell-Phone +81-070-2637-1257


CEO introduction

KOZO HYAKUNO 1953 born

After retirement from teaching in Osaka prefecture public school in 2008, Mr. Kozo opened a Health Guidance Salon "Newton Gym," and then established KOZY ZIPANG in 2014.

6th dan kendo. Established a self-defence method of his own.

Chiropractor. Established a self treatment related psychosomatic.

Books; "HAPE Health Method" in 2013. "Kozo Method" in 2017.



Hello, my name is Kozo Hyakuno. 

Sometimes I was asked the direction to Koyasan from tourists in the train or in the Hashimoto station. Gradually, I became wanting to support them to enjoy and make wonderful memories in Japan. Meanwhile, I recognized that cross-cultural exchange could be a small step to overcome "the frictions caused by differences" existing around the world. So I launched KOZY ZIPANG in May 2014.

Please don't hesitate to contact us when planning to journey to Japan, we will be useful for you to enjoy Japan. Thank you.