Our purpose is to make better understanding of Japanese culture and faith by introducing a part of the World Heritage Site "Koyasan" and its founder monk "Kukai."

We aim to promote cross-cultural exchange, to contribute to the eradication of the frictions due to the difference of race, ethnicity, religion or ideological beliefs.



Do you take a walk in the neigbhorhood where you live?

If you are walking the same course everyday, you sometimes find out something you did not usually notice.

In this way, there is unique information known only for local residents in the area.

If you could get such information in advance before departing to a unfamiliar land, you would enjoy safe and adequate trip without any extra expense and time.    

Our hope is that your journey to discover Japan becomes cozy and comfortable and it remains as great memories.

The detail about a tour course is written in the page "Journey of Kukai." Please check it out..



/album/photos/a320228-416389298420058-118084217-n-jpg1/ English Center /album/photos/a431054-416391688419819-749837331-n-jpg1/ The front yard /album/photos/a196757-416390745086580-1708248167-n-jpg1/ View from the house /album/photos/a551742-416390448419943-662779171-n-jpg1/ The vicinity